Rental Terms

All rates are subject to local or state applicable taxes.


Daily - Maximum Machine Hours: 8
Weekly - Maximum Machine Hours: 40
Monthly - Maximum Machine Hours: 160
Rentals to be paid in advance.

Delivery & Return

Rates are quoted F.O.B. fixed rates, by zone, and will be charged for transportation provided by our truck.

Mid-State Equipment's Responsibility

To furnish a machine that has been properly maintained and in good running order.

Customer Responsibility

Furnish a qualified operator.

Insure normal daily maintenance is performed including but not limited to daily greasing, checking of all fluid levels, changing of all filters and fluid required.

Responsible for any and all damage and unusual wear such as tire damage/flats.

Return machine cleaned or a cleaning charge will apply.

Rental Policy

All equipment shall be considered "on rental" as long as it is out of Mid-State Equipment's possession. Rental Department must be notified 24 hours in advance to arrange for termination of your rental. PLEASE NOTE: No rentals will be terminated from 1:00 p.m. Saturday to 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

All of our equipment is chargeable on a time out basis. Our rates are structured to take into account those holidays, rainy days, breakdowns, etc. which interrupt production. Equipment out will be considered "on rent" during these nonproductive periods unless returned to our yard. The machinery is charged to the customer at the lowest rate schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly) applicable.

All equipment is delivered full of fuel. On return, we will refill the machinery and charge the customer for the fuel that is used.

There will be $20.00 charge for units returned without keys.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice